Intense Clothing, Quality Urban Fashion

Intense Clothing is an urban fashion brand that has made waves by doing things a little differently. All designs from them stand out, because they are solely focused on providing the modern, city dwelling man with nothing but top quality fashion, year round. As an urban fashion brand, you’ll find all kinds of threads with the classic streetwear motifs: curved hems, acid wash style, grey speckles and much more. All the items from our Intense urban clothing range are bespoke and guaranteed to make you stand out in any fashion scene – our belief is that it’s better to stand out than to conform. Replenish your urban fashion wardrobe with Intense When you choose to replenish your urban wardrobe with Intense, you’re investing in top quality clothing. From materials to design and manufacturing, they never compromise, which means they provide our customers here at Thomas Gun with stylish urban fashion that can stand the test of time. Think of buying our Intense Clothing range as buying peace of mind. From tracksuits, to t-shirts and denims, click around the store to see the great selections we have on offer – you’ll see that the quality of our urban clothing shines right through the screen. Comprehensive urban fashion solution from Intense The Intense brand is a favourite for many city dwelling men and we intend to keep it that way by introducing more eye-catching products to the collection as soon as they are available.  Wearing anything from the Intense Menswear range is wearing something new and fresh. You are sure to stand out, even in a crowded space, as someone that is up to date with the contemporary urban fashion scene. If you have any questions about Intense Menswear, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.  We are always on hand to provide you with information, this means questions on specific products and stock, all the way up to fashion advice and help with choices on combinations for your wardrobe.