Is This The Best Value Urbanwear Clothing Range On The Market?

Within the UK fashion industry an age-old war is waged, with little signs of slowing up or declaring any real winning side. This battle exists between high quality goods and affordability. It’s a classic conundrum that plagues every kind of business, within every kind of industry in every single country, which means it’ll never have one catch-all solution or answer. The winners will be small, many and local, and we think we’ve found one such victor: Illusive London’s urban menswear. The difficulty The problem of quality attire versus costs comes down to a number of different elements. The obvious being that there is a base cost of production for anything ever created (materials, equipment, wages etc.), meaning there’s already at least a minimum a business needs to charge in order to turn a profit. Then, in comes the more substantial problem – most businesses then like to squeeze every penny they possibly can, out of every single product. This usually means huge mark-ups and hugely overestimated prices. The alternative usually equates to clothing of horrible quality, but cheap prices. Illusive London menswear are putting an end to the tug of war Illusive London have quickly become a key player within the urban menswear industry, and for a huge raft of reasons; not least because they simply have a firm grasp over what their customers want, and how best to deliver it to them. But their biggest advantage over other street wear outlets is that they somehow manage to continually produce high quality, comfortable and stylish clothing (made with fine materials) and then sell them at an incredibly affordable cost. We’re talking about incredible curved hem tees at £10.98. Thick, stylish, comfortable sweaters at £16.98. Game changing sports hoodies and jackets at £20.98. Who else can boast these prices for quality? This value is not only for the customer on the street, looking for something new and refreshing in their urbanwear, but also for the future of the hip hop clothing industry. As soon as Illusive London begin to set the standard, other retailers will have no option other than to fall into line behind Illusive’s admirable work ethic and philosophy, or witness their own overpriced, poor goods suffer sales losses. Illusive London have the ability to be the best of the best To answer: yes, Illusive London might well be the best value in current, contemporary urban menswear. So long as they continue to promote their impressive attitude toward expressive, unique design coupled with high class materials, all priced at an affordable price range for the men on the street – they may well become industry titans.