It’s All About Autumn

Autumn is one of those special times of year that we all look forward to: the beautiful weather offers a middle ground between the summer heat and the winter freeze. This also means it’s the perfect time to get your hands on the latest selection from the Intense Menswear Autumn collection.  All the items in the Intense range of autumn wear are perfectly suited for the lower temperatures while retaining a classy aesthetic. Classy Knitwear from the Intense Menswear range For the lovers of classic looks, their high quality knit wears are guaranteed to strike a balance between the traditional and the practicalities of warmer clothing. All of these items are designed with an emphasis on the clothing standards that made the Intense name.  Many men know there is no alternative for the level of insulation that knitwear can offer, however, few know that a sweater, cardigan or a jumper can be worn to the same fashion effects as T-shirts and dress shirts – they’re just as stylish! Our autumn wear designs from Intense are geared towards eradicating this misconception about knitwear. We’ve seen a great success on this front, thanks to Intense’s unique design philosophy and impeccable product quality. General urban fashion wear for the Autumn Away from knit wear, we also have a range of men’s designer jackets, hoodies and jeans from Intense Menswear. Everything in these ranges comes with the Intense quality guarantee. If you’re wondering how you’re going to manage to wrap up this October, whilst maintaining style and practicality, then  we have you covered. Select your preferred choice of autumn clothing from our Intense Menswear  range today. Looking through our online shop, you’ll see no shortage of autumnal style. That being said, if you prefer a more hands-on approach, and would rather check out our range in person, then feel free to visit our shopfront. But if you’re most accustomed to buying online, we guarantee prompt deliveries, meaning you don’t have to wait to start enjoying your autumn in style. From designer jeans to hoodies and hats, get in touch, for the best quality clothing, as soon as you can.