Looking For A Tight Fitting Streetwear Clothing Range?

There’s nothing more irritating – you put the time, effort and dedication into sculpting your body into a shape and size you can be proud of, then you’re forced to cover up all the hard work with baggy, unflattering clothing, or tight, form-fitting clothes that just do nothing for you on a style front. Most of us have been there, which is why, at Thomas Gun, we’re proud to stock and sell Illusive London’s urban menswear range. Here’s why: Illusive know the struggle Illusive London is formed by the masterminds behind SikSilk’s ground breaking urban clothing ranges – this time, the team have specifically centered their gaze on the male physique, particularly the more muscular and tight fitting end of the range. This isn’t to say they’ve left behind any of that stylistic experimentation, though. Since their inception, Illusive have been churning out eye-catching, unique streetwear with aplomb. There’s no formality, no boring and mundane and not unflattering clothing going on here. Just pure, unadulterated style. Authenticity is Illusive’s middle name The Illusive London team recognize that impersonations and cheap knock-offs of urban style are noticeable from a mile off, which is why their designs and style make up some of the finest streetwear a modern man can buy. That being said, the industry has moved on with the times to meet customer demand; previously where urban wear would often equate to baggier hoodies, pants and clothing that was far from form fitting, nowadays male culture is dominated by self-improvement and gym memberships. For good reason – which is why Illusive immediately went out their way to target this entire menswear sector toward those with a muscular physique; filling a gap in the market, whilst finally giving some of the more built men, out there, clothing to be proud of. Illusive is all-inclusive This isn’t to suggest that the entire scope and scale of Illusive’s urban menswear ranges are specifically designed for muscular men only – not at all. The form fitting, tighter clothing style permeates the majority of the Illusive catalog, all replete with that hip hop sensibility. This applies to the vast range of t-shirts and vests, all the way up to the heavier hoodies and sports jackets; there’s a size, form and style for every man. The tight fitting aspect of Illusive is really just a symptom of their overall fashion philosophy – that there should be an authentic, stylish answer for everyone, available at an affordable price.