Muscular Urban Clothing from Illusive London

In the greater, worldwide fashion industry many people neglect or overlook the demands of an increasingly rising male demographic who want to look their best, at all times. This doesn’t mean simply churning out a new line of suits and tuxedoes to meet formal demands like a lot of fashion brands are wont to do. It means actively studying the demands of the male demographic and meeting those requirements in as stylish a manner as possible. Sound difficult? Not for one of our most popular brands, here at Thomas Gun: Illusive London. Catering to a newer market Urban clothing has always been about modernity meeting classic comfort, and the most successful urban streetwear manufacturers never shy away from the modern aspect of this balance; always tweaking, experimenting and attempting something new within a unique sector. This is where Illusive London outstrip the competition, however; still, even in our more modern age with an increased number of places to find great clothes – very few streetwear and menswear suppliers are devoting time and resources to muscular physiques. This area of consumerism is on the rise not only as menswear becomes a bigger market, but also as the current lifestyle trends of regular exercise and gym workouts become ever more prevalent. The savvy brains over at Illusive know that, which is why they’re catering to this newer market with their finest fashion designers. They know how it works The Illusive London team know what they’re doing, and it shoes in every piece of their urban streetwear ranges – from a simpler T-shirt design, to a floral imbued hoodie which plays with current fashion expectations of masculinity; they strike a balance that many other industry leaders would kill to have. They know difficult it is for muscular men to find stylish, form-fitting clothing that doesn’t compromise on one or the other: aesthetics or comfort. Illusive London was built from the ground up with the male physique in mind, the entire brand is specifically a menswear producer, with a particular slant toward the more fit and muscular form. It’s a match made in heaven for those looking to explore their urban clothing style whilst still having the practicality and comfort of wearing something that doesn’t inhibit their muscular physique throughout the day. Illusive London have shown a great deal of customer aligned thought in their short tenure, so far; if they continue this business attitude, it’s hard to see anything but brightness in their future.