Our Favourite Tees In The Current Urban Collection From Illusive

When you think urban menswear, you think Illusive London. When you think Illusive London, you think uniquely styled T-shirts and vest tops; the likes of which you simply can’t find elsewhere. Here at, Thomas Gun, we’ve decided to devote a whole day to ogling the shelves of Illusive’s T-shirt stock and try to sort out what some of our favorites are. Luckily for you, we stock Illusive clothing – so this isn’t just a welcome distraction, on a lunch break, it’s a quick opportunity for some fantastic street wear shopping! The Illusive London Floral Overhead Hoodie Let’s start with something a bit different before we get to the proper tee selections. Yes, a hoodie isn’t technically a shirt, but we’re dealing with British weather here – you can’t expect to buy a T-shirt and nothing else. The Floral Overhead hoodie (in black, especially) is quintessential Illusive design. We have the classic element of a high quality, warm hoodie, combined with the off-kilter Monet-esque floral pattern around the neck and shoulders. You won’t find this anywhere else. Illusive’s Raglan Curved Hem Tee Here we have one of our favorite, more traditional T-shirts from the urban menswear kings. This time, we’re looking for something a little less out there (that means no flowers) and a bit more reigned in. But even with this more classic tee, the Illusive boys and girls can’t help throwing a little flourish in. The shirt is plain, with a horizontal striped pattern; but the stripes draw the eye with their soft, fluffier edges – almost like a tie-dye job. Half Cut Curved Hem Tee with Floral Design We’re back onto the flowers again, you can’t keep us away. If you’ve been following the career and expansion of Illusive London like we have, then you’ll know why we’ve opted for this particular tee. This classic (in the Illusive sense of the word) design, is the very thing that set off Illusive’s first foray into menswear. A plain shirt until upper chest area is met with a bold shift in style – to a complex, dark weave of plant life set against a red background. Eye-catching doesn’t cover it.     These are only three of our favorites, and even then it took us hours to sort through the many we could have chosen. Illusive’s tees are like nobody else’s menswear designs; they take the risks that bigger chains would shy away from, and the result? Some of our favorite shirts on the entire market.