Our Top Picks From The Fresh Ego Kid Clothing Range

It can be hard to single out which brand name is the one worthy of your money, we know that better than anyone; with the huge number of different menswear labels that we stock. Even more difficult, however, is choosing which clothes from a specific brand to choose – you can’t buy it all, unfortunately. In order to help you out, we’re going to take a look at some of the items on offer from one of our favourite new urban menswear labels: Fresh Ego Kid. Why We Love Fresh Ego Kid Hip Hop Clothing Why are they one of our favorites? Where do we begin… We love the ethos and attitude of the Fresh Ego Kid clothing ranges. They don’t simply churn our tried and tested urban wear patterns and trends that the other boys in the industry are selling; they strive for something different, unique and modern, and that’s a progressive attitude that we can relate to. You’ll find nothing else like Fresh Ego Kid hip hop clothing elsewhere on the market, so why even bother looking? Hip Hop Hats When it comes to selections of hip hop inspired snapbacks, Fresh Ego Kid are the name in the game, currently. With a wide offering of different styles, colors and unique designs; you’ll be spending hours trying to decide which one to opt for – they’re all so great. We’d recommend the FEK Script Black Polo snapback, but that’s just us. Street Sweats What about a new, modern sweat? Easily the most comfortable, efficient and stylish sweats on the market; the Fresh Ego Kid promise of quality meeting enviable design is never better witnessed than with this range of clothes. We stock both the hooded and non-hooded range of FEK sweats, giving you that extra bit of choice. Stylish Tees and Joggers Maybe you’re looking for something in a new t-shirt? We can guarantee you, before you’ve even laid eyes on it, that you’ll fall in love with the hugely popular Fresh Ego Kid barcode tee (white or black, your decision!). Or perhaps a new pair of joggers? Who else does functionality and style as well as Fresh Ego Kid? Nobody.