Overview Of The Avid Attire Streetwear Company

Avid and Co., a.k.a. Avid Attire, produces quality active urban wear for UK market, and around the world. The clothing is contemporary and modern, and designed for the city dwelling person who wants to stand out from the crowd by wearing something new and exciting. The brand really does reflect its name. This is a company that is eager to impress in every way. From the models it chooses, to its social media presence, to its manufacturing process, Avid Attire leaves no stone unturned and ensures quality at every stage. The look of the Avid Attire models The Avid Attire models are all, as you’d expect, athletic, muscular and cool. There are plenty of tattoos, and neat city haircuts. Alicia, Ziggy, Azar and Ollie epitomise the city lifestyle look. The manufacturing process The design and development of all of the quality clothing from this brand is done in the UK. Once concepts and designs are formulated and finalised the clothing is then manufactured in European factories. Because the manufacturer is in Europe there is an added level of control compared to the companies that tend to outsource to the Far East. The company teams can hop over to Europe and check out processes in order to enhance the quality control procedures and ensure that every product meets the high standards that they have set for the brand. After manufacture the products are sent back to the UK for packing and distribution. This ensures that every product is once again checked to ensure that it is of the standard that is required by a modern, discerning city dwelling man. So what urban wear do they make? This is a company that at the moment is very much about every day staples for your streetwear wardrobe. The clothing is designed to be worn out and about and be versatile. It suits the active lifestyle, with comfortable, slim fitting clothing that accentuates one’s physique and fits squarely in the urban genre. They do joggers, T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies at the moment, although the range will be expanded over the coming months and years. None of the clothing is too flamboyant, apart from perhaps the vests. It is stylish, yes, but over the top definitely not. The branding tends to be subtle, and even the signature T-shirts and sweatshirts have the quality and solid font for the Avid branding; this is clothing that could be mixed with just about any urban fashion brand, it is that versatile. At Thomas Gun we have been sourcing urban clothing for over 30 years. This is a brand that stands out. The company knows exactly what it is trying to do and does it better than most. This is staple streetwear clothing that you will turn to again and again when you’re not sure what to wear; but know you want to wear something of quality.