Pick Up A Streetwear Polo

Here, at Thomas Gun, we’ve created a reputation for always outdoing ourselves when it comes to our designer shirt selections. Our Polo and T-shirts always carry some serious attitude with their bright, vibrant colors. The diverse range we have on offer means that any customer is guaranteed to find something that speaks to them. Come on in to make your shirt-themed dreams come true! Intense Desert Streetwear Polo To help you make a choice, we can offer a few recommendations from our Intense Streetwear range  to help you stand out with a touch of class throughout the summer.  One of our most popular designs is the Intense Desert Polo – an absolute star player within our shirt range.  Many popular faces have donned this shirt, all throughout the year, so why not join in on the action? If the standard grey and white scheme is not to your liking or if you would rather opt for something a little different than the rest, you can choose from three color palettes to help you stand out from the crowd. Diverse range of polo from the Intense Urban fashion range If, somehow, the Desert Polo isn’t to your taste, we have a near endless supply of other designs that’ll meet your needs. All our clothing items from Intense boast the same level of quality, meaning you are guaranteed the same value for money all across any one of our Intense ranges. It’s part of  the Intense business and design philosophy to only use the best fabrics and linen in their designs; which are all styled with the modern city dwelling man in mind. Want to visit us, and our shirts, in person? We’d be happy to see you – stop on by when you get the chance. Here at Thomas Gun, our focus is always on variety and experience. Our urban street wear catalog provides you with a unique way to effortlessly blend into your surroundings and maintain a sense of purpose with your fashion. Are you looking for a top tier men’s designer clothing brand you can go with, Intense Menswear is a goof option.  The perfect blend of comfort, practicality and style provides you with a clothing line that can take care of your fashion needs regardless of weather or season. With so much to choose from, we wouldn’t blame you for getting lost – so why not get in touch today with us here at Thomas Gun for more information on the Intense Brand?