Primed For Success – Illusive London Streetwear Clothing

The team over at Illusive London clothing don’t understand the word ‘failure’. Say it to one of their incredible fashion designers and you’ll be met with a look of confusion, and then a glimpse at an astonishing line-up of menswear designs, soon to hit the shelves. This is because Illusive London hit the track running, with nothing but victory in mind. With a solid work ethic, a hugely experienced urban wear team of staff and an unrivalled passion for the business – Illusive is primed for a future of success. A strong start in the menswear sector Having come from the street wear area of the fashion industry, complete with the experience and knowledge of creating and maintaining a global brand in the form of SikSilk – the minds behind Illusive London were always going to do well. But nobody expected the degree of initial success that they were greeted with. A remarkable reception online, and with the various facets of social media, witnessed the company grasp the attention of customers up and down the country looking for something new in the urban wear industry – this time, in the form of menswear only. With only a small selection of men’s T-shirts and vests, designed and created with the unique Illusive viewpoint in mind, the company managed to bring together 10,000 individual online followers, subscribers and ‘likers’ within their first few months on the streets. Where to next? With a long, and hopefully bright, future clearly ahead of the company – the future is very much in their hands. It seems, now, that the brand name is much more than a simple title, as anyone looking to forecast where the designs, style or direction of Illusive is heading, would be taking shots in the dark. One thing can be declared for certain, however; providing Illusive London continue to work into the future with their dedication to the craft and bring their noticeable passion along with them, they’ll fare well within our modern fashion climate. It seems as though this strong urban menswear outlet will continue to create their own destiny with future ranges of affordable, authentic and high quality street wear (something that the industry is sorely lacking, these days, with many lesser manufacturers flooding the market). For such a new, open and fun-loving fashion company, Illusive have already made big waves in an ocean of larger retailers; it might not be so much that they are primed for success, but rather that success is ready for them.