Redefining The Tracksuit | Mens Tracksuits

The standard idea of a tracksuit is a warm suit worn by athletes for training purposes – all practicality, no real sense of style or design. Here at Thomas Gun however, we believe there is more to a tracksuit than simple functionality or popular misconceptions about a lack of class. Whether you are participating in a sporting event or simply want to feel comfortable, while looking stylish at the same time, our range of men’s tracksuits are perfectly designed to fit the bill. During a major sporting event, media and spectator attention is often drawn to clothing; this is the case even at more established tournaments, like Wimbledon. The tennis players are often the focus, but in recent years, coverage has shifted more and more towards the crowd. Before now, audiences were mandated to follow a strict dress code but this has since changed to a more relaxed attitude. Boris Becker redefines tracksuit Even with the new, more lax rules, many spectators still arrive wearing suits and blazers instead of standard casual wear.  This often makes them look too formal for people supposedly relaxing at a sporting event. Last year however, Boris Becker, the ex-tennis player, changed the landscape. He was pictured on the second day of Wimbledon wearing a red tracksuit and cream sweatpants.  In that one move, he managed to steal the show and the media gaze away from the court and other, more formally dressed, spectators. Tracksuits for the urban male from Intense Menswear Boris Becker’s case confirms what we already know, here at Thomas. When worn correctly, men’s tracksuits are sporty, fashionable and athletic. When combined, these features make very stylish casual attire. It’s with this in mind that our tracksuits from Intense Menswear are fashioned specifically toward the modern, urban male. They come in a range of colors, sizes and designs – all of which put the old myths about tracksuits to bed. Do you need any help making the selection? Feel free to give us a call. We’re also delighted to answer any and all queries concerning our full range of men’s tracksuits. Thomas Gun promises to always keep you abreast of the latest developments within the menswear sphere and we think our new Intense Menswear tracksuits are a perfect reflection of this commitment.