the growth of Scar Tissue Clothing

Who are the Brand with the Seed of Life Logo

Following hot on the footsteps of Sik Silk as a brand with a big chest Logo came Scar Tissue Clothing with a swagger like a returning king. And for good reason, the brand owners have been in the industry a long time and helped the growth of Judas Sinned, 11 Degrees and Sik Silk plus many more. Like Sik Silk, it is not instantly obvious who the brand are, the seed of life pattern symbolizes the seven days of creation, but is more than that. It's a logo with real heart and power. Much like the brand's dogged determination to be a success.

Constantly impressing us with bold ideas and designs, and we are not talking the usual "unique" ideas all the brands have, this is true bravery in not following the pack. The brand are fast becoming the leader in design, with many bigger brands copying their styles and ideas and claiming the plaudits due to their greater exposure. We tipped Scar Tissue for big things when we first saw them, and nothing has changed our minds. They are the future of urban streetwear, and we cannot wait to see what they do next.