Sik Silk-an edgy, trendy British urban clothing brand

Sik silk is that rare thing, a quality, British urban clothing brand with worldwide aspirations, and a chance to get a slice of the American market. Ever since this brand out of Scarborough began making clothes, it was doing so in an engaging way. The trio of buddies that founded the brand used social media skilfully to produce a cutting-edge online image.

An urban wear brand going from strength to strength

Sik silk started with just a few followers and an idea. Over the last couple of years they have grown exponentially and now have more than 100,000 interactions on social media every month. This growth has been down to their understanding of their product and their consumer. They seem to have an uncanny knack to align the two. From the models they choose, such as Leon Scott and Gaz Beadle, to the new lines of clothing that they bring out, everything seems perfectly aligned with the brand image and personality.

A British clothing brand in America

It seems ironic that a brand that was born out of American influences is now heading back to America as a successful UK brand. The origins of the brand are in American, Japanese and British art, music and culture. However, the founders got their first influences in the combination of old school and modern clothing being sported by a young kid in Manhattan. The American influences worked together with their evolving sense of a British urban style  to produce something unique, edgy and trendy. This British company has now moved back to America with Footlocker one of the big companies that is now selling their goods.

A social media clothing success

If you take a look at the social media presence of Sik Silk you will understand just how far they have come. Twitter is a powerful tool. In the hands of the founders of Sik Silk it seems it is an unstoppable force. They have managed to create a way of interacting that is both compelling, engaging and persuasive.

The future of this evolving global streetwear brand

The company is already stocked in stores in Australia, America, and Canada and around Europe. International customers from all over the world flock to online retail outlets to get a piece of the action. With celebrities such as 50 Cent and Trey Songz now fans of the clobber it’s only a matter of time before this quality focused urban wear brand enters the Premier league of fashion companies. When they do their social skills will become an even more influential.