Sik Silk AW15 Predictions

How Sik Silk incorporates high end catwalk trends into streetwear clothing is seriously impressive. From previous collections, the brand has proved they can do it... and with such ease! Making it look so natural! Therefore, continuing their success story – our predictions for Sik Silk’s AW15 collection is set to be nothing short of incredible, fashion-forward urban wear. Due to the nature of the streetwear style, hip hop culture mixed with Americana influences is the main stimuli behind brand. As well as this, the oversized curved hem tee’s continue to be very strong throughout as this has become such an iconic and well-loved shape for Sik Silk. However their long length tee’s that previous collections have been so popular for, but will become a bit shorter, moving back towards the standard length of a streetwear tee.sik silk 15 This is where hints of the catwalk trends start to take place... Of course their sublimation printing will continue to be strong throughout, yet a huge variation of fabrics is set to take over so many AW15 collections, Sik Silk will not be an exception! However, in true Sik Silk style, they will always put their unique urban wear twist on it. The variations of fabrics include:
  • Mouline yarn
  • Marl coloured fabrics
  • Ribbed clothing
  • Velour and crushed velvet
  • Flecks and neps within the fabric
  • Yarn dyed stripes
  • Heat embossing into fabrics.
Just let your imagination go wild as we anticipate how Sik Silk will use these textured and interesting fabrics in their AW15 collection!sik silk 11 The style and fit of the garments is slightly more limited when it comes to streetwear, as if you move away from certain shapes it will no longer appear as streetwear with influences from hip hop and the culture that comes with it. Therefore layering is the natural next step after the long length tees, and this will be very important throughout the collection. The pieces Sik Silk will release for their AW15 garments will keep the skill of layers as easy as possible! Longer length undergarments worn under baggier garments will appeal to Sik Silk’s customers the most.sik silk17 As for jeans, the brand already has a small selection of one style in a couple of raw colours, however this selection is sure to expand! The fit is tight and skinny, with a drop crotch in several different washes. Also, as I’m sure many of you have noticed, rips and distressing has been a huge trend so far this year, and we expect this to continue into AW15 with ease.  It transforms basic denim into something so much more stylish and interesting! So, for a quick recap, we are expecting a huge variation in fabrics and materials throughout the collection. It will be especially intriguing to see how the top urban brand works yarn and velour into the collection! We are also expecting lots of layering pieces and a larger variation in washes of their skinny, drop crotch jeans! I personally cannot wait to see the Sik Silk AW15 collection!sik silk18