Sik Silk clothing: a lesson in how to build a fashion brand online

The Sik Silk menswear clothing brand has rocketed to success over recent years. With humble roots in the spare bedrooms of the founders in Scarborough, they now have a big warehouse at Scarborough business Park, and over a dozen staff. In a short period of time they have moved from spare rooms to a larger premises, and then again on to Scarborough business Park. As you break down the success of the company it is clear that they are a model to show how you can build a fashion brand today; fuelled by massive online exposure. The online statistics of this urban wear brand          Sik Silk clothing boasts 55,000 likes on Facebook and over 43,000 Twitter followers. This kind of following means they are primed for world domination of their urban fashion niche; old school with a modern twist. Although this social media presence has grown fast, it hasn’t happened overnight. The trio of founders from Scarborough began this urban wear brand with a prototype baseball shirt. People on social media started asking where they could buy it and the brand was born. Hundreds of followers turned into 1000, and from that things have grown by daily today social activity to where they are now. A streetwear brand that is aligned throughout What strikes you when you see the social media presence of Sik Silk clothing is that the brand is aligned and consistent throughout. From the voice in social media through to the models that the company uses, and the announcements that are made, there is a consistent thread that is the company voice running through. Very few social media campaigns can boast of such a unified feel that resonates with a following as successfully as the Sik Silk menswear social media campaign. The models the company uses Sik Silk clothing uses models that show off the best of the edgy urban wear that they produce. As you take a look at the models you will see the look works with them supremely well. From Leon Scott, to Gaz from Geordie Shore, the image that the models create fits the brand, and speaks to the social media base of fans. They say an image speaks 1000 words. In the urban fashion scene the models and pictures of clothing can make or break a company. Celebrity clothing endorsements Sik Silk clothing have also leveraged on the celebrity clothing endorsements they have received. For example, early in the journey of the company Gaz from Geordie Shore got behind them and wore clothing on TV. The social media campaigns made the most of this exposure. More recently celebrities such as 50 Cent and Trez songz, have been seen wearing the clothing. Again, Sik Silk menswear have made the most of the opportunity that this presents by publicising photos of the celebrities wearing their unique urban wear clothing. Sik Silk menswear clothing is a unique, edgy streetwear fashion brand. They have done an incredible job of making the most of every bit of exposure they have got through the power of social media. They are certainly a model of how to use what you have and build momentum to create a global clothing brand.