Sik Silk clothing Brand Giving Back to Local Community – Sponsorship Scarborough

A Scarborough clothing brand, Sik Silk, is taking the world by storm, producing edgy, stylish urban wear that is being worn by some of the biggest celebrities in the world. The company, whose design style philosophy is a mix of old school and modern urban design, has been worn by 50 Cent, Trez Songz, and celebrities all over the UK as well. This company has been on a journey which has happened really fast. They have already started giving back to the local community.  Sik Silk clothing football connections The founders of the company are three friends who met at school in Scarborough. They began the company as a bit of fun, creating hats and a baseball top, which soon got a lot of attention. When people started asking where they could buy the clothing that was up on Facebook they knew that they had an idea whose time had come. They are well-known on the local football scene, with two of them having played for Scarborough United. It seemed to make sense therefore, that this urban wear brand would sponsor the training kit of this local football team. Sik Silk has other football connections to. The menswear clothing company uses Leon Scott, a Darlington football player, as one of their main clothing models. It is a brand that is designed to accentuate one’s physique and therefore is a much loved brand by sporty individuals around the country, and around the world. Association with a global urban wear brand Scarborough football club are said to have been extremely pleased not just for the money to get the training kit, but also for the association with a thriving local business. Sik Silk has won awards for their social media campaigns, and in the local business community for the contribution they are now making to employment and the image of Scarborough. The business is based out of Scarborough business Park and employs over a dozen people. With big celebrities getting behind the brand, and massive exposure happening through their hip-hop clothing being seen on TV, the brand is only going to grow further. Success… but the lads of Sik Silk clothing are still grounded It is good to see a young company recognising its roots and connection with the local community, and giving back. Too many companies lose their ability to see what is really important when the founders gain rapid success. The three level-headed lads from Scarborough shown no signs of letting up in the pursuit of their domination of a niche in the urban fashion scene, yet remain grounded and focused on understanding their role and responsibilities in the local community.