Sik Silk Clothing, From Scarborough to Vegas: The story of a Plumber, Accountant and Design Engineer

Sik Silk clothing is a UK fashion brand that has taken the fashion world by storm. From humble beginnings it is now a worldwide brand that is stocked in countries as far afield as Australia, USA and Japan. With influences from American, Japanese and British music, art and culture it is a brand with eclectic followers and tastes.

A menswear brand from Scarborough to Vegas

The brand was founded by three friends from Scarborough. They went to the same school and were happily going along their day jobs as a plumber, accountant and design engineer. One idea changed everything. They saw the opportunity to combine old school urban fashion with a hip-hop flare from the present and modern clothing design manufacturing techniques. This single idea has culminated in a fashion brand with a Twitter following upwards of 40,000 people and over 50,000 likes on Facebook; and growing. This brand struck a deal a while ago over in Las Vegas with Footlocker, to become a major player in the US urban fashion clothing market. It really is a true Scarborough to Vegas story.

A menswear brand of quality

The company, not happy with just producing top designs, have always stuck to a brand image and brand standards that maintain quality throughout. By doing so they have built an enviable reputation in the industry to go with their massive social media following. As an urban streetwear brand they are fast becoming a name that is synonymous with celebrity clothes. Recently Trey Songz war Sik Silk clothing at Usher’s birthday party. 50 Cent likes the clothing too! Gaz Beadle, celebrity star from Geordie Shore, regularly sports the brand and even stocks it in his shop.

A brand for the edgy urban man

Because of the mix of influences, this menswear clothing brand has a certain edge to it. It produces clothing that doesn’t always conform to the norm and certainly delivers something new. There are new lines every month or two, and these are advertised on Twitter to widespread acclaim. The future of this urban clothing company is clear. It is much clearer than when the trio from Scarborough first set out to try out a new idea on a prototype that they advertised on Facebook. The future is of a company that is in every country in the world, and is worn by celebrities of five-star status. It is a future that will drive this British fashion company into the hearts and minds of urban fashion enthusiasts around the world. It is a bright, innovative future.