Sik Silk gets rave reviews from Bread & Butter

It’s always nice to get positive reviews and recommendations.  When they come from Bread & Butter in the fashion industry it is all the more positive. Sik Silk, a UK menswear brand that is taking the world by storm got some pretty good news recently when they were recommended by this prestigious name. In this article we will put across the essence of what Bread & Butter had to say about the Sik Silk menswear brand. Established in the United Kingdom Sik Silk is a creative innovative and compelling streetwear brand that is leading the way in the world.

An urban clothing brand around the world

They have customers everywhere, including China, New Zealand, Japan, Australia, Europe, USA and many more countries. It is rare to be able to travel through the tube, read a magazine or switch on your TV and not come across one celebrity or another wearing this now famous urban wear brand. Sik Silk has made it, and is now an urban celebrity clothing success story.

America influenced streetwear

Sik Silk is clearly sticking to its guns, true to the initial vision of edgy American influenced menswear; developing exciting, different, nonconformist menswear clothing for the fashion conscious man. Sik Silk understands that is now an international brand. Therefore, they are creating new designs that are able to cater to different marketplaces around the globe. They are setting the standard in the streetwear world by understanding their target market and engaging with them on social media platforms.

The social menswear brand

Social media has always been important to Sik Silk, and they have tens of thousands of followers; all interested and engaged with what the urban brand is doing. New collections come out regularly, often monthly, and these are keeping everyone interested. The company has won awards for the clothing and for their marketing strategies on social media. The phenomenal progress of this mens clothing company shows no sign of letting up, and it is amazing to see that this is happened in just a few short years. Kudos to the trio from Scarborough who gave up their day jobs as a plumber, accountant and design engineer to pursue their dream. Weighed down with credit cards at the start they now have a big business with potential that is quite frankly astonishing.