Sik Silk - Harem Pants Are Back With a Bang

The History of Harem pants from MC Hammer through to Sik Silks latest offerings

Originally inspired by Middle Eastern styles, the harem pants eventually worked their way over to the Western fashion scene in 1910 and this is where they the generic term ‘harem pants’ was established for baggy trousers caught in at the ankle.

Stop, Hammer Time!

Jump forward around 80 years and the harem pants became an iconic fashion statement in connection to huge hip-hop artist, MC Hammer. This was truly an American pop culture moment, and many still relate the pants to the MC Hammer days, his signature dance moves and bold presence both on and off stage. However, eventually the harem pants and MC Hammer style became a laughing point and became and common fancy dress/ Halloween costume whilst dance troops often took the look on as their own due to the non-restrictive shape of them. I remember wearing them for dance shows and rehearsals when I was young and forever being a laughing stock once I left the studio and went out into public.sik silk 12

High End Designers Clock onto the Harem Trend...

For a good 20 years harem pants disappeared in to the history of fashion and culture, until 200 where fashion designer Andreas Melbostad revealed his highly anticipated SS09 Phi Collection during fashion week and Ralph Lauren also included the style in their collection, this kicked off a rebirth of the garment and Western women embraced the look whole-heartedly. Many guys struggled with this, finding it unattractive on women and thinking only those ‘hipster guys’ could kind-of get away with committing to this trend. Then in 2011 there was a huge growth in those wearing the baggy pants for males and females thanks to celebrity endorsements and street style participants.

The Key to Success – Celebrity Endorsement

An example of celebrities being at the forefront of this apparel trend in Justin Bieber’s now infamous shiny red harem pants that he wore on stage at the American Music Awards in 2012 which received crazy amounts of some positive, but mostly negative publicity and coverage, and even more so than Justin’s own performance itself. Following this performance he proved his loyalty to the style as he consistently made public appearances in the trousers.

Where the Harem Pants are today

Today, both male and females can be found wearing the harem pants in a huge variation of styles, materials, colours, fabrics and fits – mostly a ‘skinny’ version of the pants. One of today’s most prominent luxury streetwear labels offers the style in high end quality at affordable price points and is worn by celebrities internationally. Sik Silk’s latest offering are a prime example of how the harem pants have evolved to suit the culture and trends of today. The skinny fit from the calves down to the ankles represents the skinny trend that has been consistent amongst the youth for years now, but also follow the baggy style of the original harem pants but in a more flattering fit. Their harem-style pants come in a tracksuit bottom style, creating the ideal stylish, on-trend casual wear for the gym or just chilling on the couch with pizza and Fifa.