Sik Silk have some of the best urban wear for the winter freeze

The Sik Silk menswear AW 15 range is well and truly with us. If you have been keeping an eye on twitter then you will have seen new items added to the collection on a regular basis, and will have noted how this year is going to be a much bigger year than last year. The autumn winter collection has plenty of clothing to keep you warm and street styled. Take a look below at some of the choices you have in the Sik Silk clothing range. Urban wear hoodies including new arrivals. Sik silk now have a great range of streetwear hoodies to keep you warm. They are functional, and, as always, made from premium quality materials. You can choose from the long zip Royal Navy hoodie, which is new in, for a sporty look, or the dip fade elongated body in Navy, another new arrival, for a casual and trendy look. There are also ribbed hem hoodies, overhead standard hoodies and various colours. There is a hoodie in the collection to keep you warm. Base layers from Sik Silk Sik silk have released a tremendous collection of base layers. These long sleeved, comfortable, stylish urban wear garments will keep you warm throughout the winter. They are perfect for wearing a sweater and jacket over when out, and then smart when you take your outer layers off when back in the warmth. There are also turtlenecks that do the same job and keep your neck warm in the icy weather. Tracksuits from Sik Silk No longer do you have to put up with baggy and shapeless tracksuits. You can feed your passion for stylish urban wear with Sik Silk tracksuits. There are several new joggers and tracksuits available in the collection and a mix of colours in AW15. Every item in the Sik Silk clothing range is premium quality are made from the best quality materials. You can count on this brand to deliver the best streetwear casualwear in the market. Don’t forget your urban wear hats Sik Silk have some pretty edgy headwear. With stylish hip-hop style beanies and a tan brown leather cap you have some choices to really set off an outfit, and stay warm whilst doing so. The success of the Sik Silk streetwear clothing brand means that there are more items coming out in the collection than ever before. This means a winter full of fashion choice from the Sik Silk menswear fashion brand.