Sik Silk Launches Urban Clothing Gym Range

Ever since the Sik Silk founders noticed a young kid in Manhattan combining authentic old school sportswear and contemporary clothing they knew they had an idea whose time has come. Within months the first baseball top was made, and soon after that thousands of followers were coming to the Sik Silk social platforms to see new designs.

A global urban brand from Britain?

This brand is now a global phenomenon. It has been one of the fastest growing brands for several years and continues to release creative, edgy menswear for city life. Very few urban wear brands can match the quality and quantity of clothing that is flowing through the creative heart of the Scarborough Business Park. Sik Silk is that rare thing; a British clothing company that has resonated around the world.

The street-style gymwear range

They are now releasing a new urban gym range to inspire the gym goers out there with the classy clothes that they stock. This is a first specialist range for this leading menswear company, and is sure to be a hit. This company doesn’t do things by halves, and generally they get things right when thery decide on a direction. Their drive, passion and purpose is taking them to the leading edge of the world of urban fashion, and will take them further still with great success no doubt coming with the new gym wear range.

The urban gym range close up

Some of the interesting items in this new range include the grey, blue and red gym vests, designed to show off the muscular torso and reflecting the traditional Sik Silk Design philosophy of a combination of vintage and authentic contemporary urban wear. DLS and SCS compression tops and the normal urban Tees arrive along with black and grey marl compression pants, to provide a good range for any gym goer. In addition there are fitted joggers and superb gym hoodies that will inspire streetwear fashion to a new level in the gym environment.

A menswear brand with diverse influences

This street clothing brand has been influenced by many sources, chief amongst them the Japanese and American art, music and Street cultures. With so many influences it isn’t surprising that the diversity of the menswear clothing range continues to broaden. Despite the diversity in the Sik Silk ranges, it is incredible that everything holds together perfectly. Their ‘collection’ truly is a collection rather than a mishmash of isolated items that don’t really fit together. The Sik Silk menswear brand just works in that way. With the Sik Sik brand you’ll be able to wear anything with anything else, and you’ll look great doing so. The new range is edgy, premium quality urban menswear for those that really care about how they look at the gym.