Sik Silk Leading The Way In Twitter Usage for Urban Clothing Brands

Sik Silk joined Twitter in 2012 following their launch.  Since that time, they have been able to amass over 40,000 followers through their unique approach to social media usage. What have they done correctly in that time? Proper user engagement Twitter users value engagement especially when it comes from brands they cherish. When a brand engages with a twitter user, it sends a message to other users that the brand values its customers. This will naturally trigger curiosity in what the brand has to offer, thereby bringing them more followers and customers.  From retweeting their customers’ tweets to acknowledging mentions, the brand has been able to endear themselves to their target audience. Use of high definition images Tweets with images embedded get more engagement. Sik Silk has been able to tap into this by ensuring that a good number of tweets sent out by them have high definition images attached.  While this brings them more engagement, it also acts as a great way to show off some of the unique designs from the brand. Competitions Sik Silk’s Twitter account is a favourite for urban clothing enthusiasts because the company understands the impact of competitions on their target audience.  Users appreciate getting into a competition with the chance of winning specific clothing items or shopping vouchers that can be used to buy Sik Silk clothing items.  The company has been able to tap into this by getting entrants to carry out simple tasks to qualify for the price on offer. This may be retweeting a tweet, following the brand social profiles etc. This helps the company achieve the following: increases in visibility across twitter, increases in new leads, increases in potential sales and increases in website traffic. Regular tweets One of the biggest mistakes brands make on Twitter is posting sparingly.  Twitter is a fast paced environment. Brands therefore are supposed to do their best to constantly be in the face of their target audience.  This cannot be achieved by tweeting once a week or once a month.  Sik Silk perfectly understands this and they have mastered the art of tweeting regularly without clogging up the timelines of their target audience.  They usually tweet daily at high impact hours.  This is often during the morning commute hours or evening commute hours, thereby increasing tweet impressions and potential user engagement. Sik Silk’s approach to Twitter will continue driving the company towards increased popularity and ultimately, more global success.