Sik Silk Now Officially an A’list streetwear clothing brand!

Sik Silk started a few short years ago from the spare rooms of the founders of the company. They were regular guys; an accountant, design engineer and a plumber. Armed only with their credit cards they began a venture which has taken off across the world. The early days of Sik Silk clothing The early days the company got lots of feedback through Facebook. They developed prototypes and began their journey. Gaz Beadle, better known as Gaz from Geordie Shore, loved the brand and began wearing it on TV and modelling it. He even stocked the clothing in his urban wear shop, Project 722. This celebrity endorsement, at the time, took the company to a new level in the urban fashion scene in the UK. Celebrity endorsements begin to flow for this streetwear clothing company The company started to broker deals with companies like Footasylum and Footlocker. With a growing Twitter and Facebook presence, and now a place to call home in the high Street, the company went from strength to strength. Then, Trez Songz wore Sik Silk clothing at Usher’s birthday party. The Sik Silk menswear brand really took centre stage as an A-list celebrity clothing company when 50 Cent was photographed wearing their clothing. This single act was a massive coup for this up-and-coming company from Scarborough. Sik Silk is true celebrity clothing It isn’t only the men that have made Sik Silk into a true celebrity clothing brand. Tulisa, Lauren Platt from X factor, Joost and other fabulous ladies have also donned Sik Silk clothing. Loads of celebrity blokes wear Sik Silk clothing frequently: JLS’s Aston Merrygold loves the vests, Niall Horan from One Direction sports the brand, and Callum Hood from Five Seconds of Summer to name but a few. How has Sik Silk clothing grown so fast? The simple answer to this question is through hard work, dedication, passion and via social media. The company, from the very beginning, had a knack for hitting the spot through their social media messages. They engaged the urban fashion public and used excellent streetwear clothing models to communicate with an ever-growing following on Twitter and Facebook. They now have over 43,000 followers on Twitter, and 55,000 likes on Facebook. This means that they interface with hundreds of thousands of people on a daily basis through the networks, and therefore touch celebrities constantly. As celebrities wear the brand and endorse it they become ambassadors. The message of Sik Silk clothing spreads around the Internet like wildfire. It is clear that Sik Silk clothing is now an A-list clothing brand and is set for even bigger things in the future.