Sik Silk proving popular with the fairer sex too

Sik Silk clothing has become known as a menswear fashion brand. The trio of lads from Scarborough who set the company up certainly had men in mind when they formed the company and started designing the unique urban wear range that they have propelled around the globe. In 2015 we have seen a number of famous women wearing the brand too. It is a brand that has become popular with the fairer sex, and some of the items in the collection seem to be unisex now. Let’s take a look at why this is, and at some of the celebs that had been seen sporting the Sik Silk streetwear brand. Women wearing Sik Silk clothing Some pretty famous women have been seen combining Sik Silk clothing seamlessly into their overall outfit. These have included Stoosh, Tulisa, Lauren Platt from X Factor, and Sallie Axl. These lovely ladies have shown that Sik Silk clothing is perfect for women as well as men. As more famous ladies sport the Sik Silk clothing range more of the general public will cotton on to the trend. A touch of the feminine in Sik Silk menswear There is no doubt that the Sik Silk clothing brand has some flamboyance to it, and a touch of the feminine in some of the clothing items. The brand is perfect for the man that knows who he is and is comfortable with his style. If you prefer the more traditional there are items in the Sik Silk range that will suit you, but there are also the standout pieces that really do set off an outfit. We are seeing both the traditional and the flamboyant being worn by our women celebrities. This just goes to show that quality streetwear designs have wide appeal. So is Sik Silk menswear going unisex? There are no signs out of the menswear clothing brand that they will be changing to a unisex brand. The reality though is that if women are wearing the clothes then it is already a unisex brand. Sik Silk just need to keep making fantastic clothing and it will appeal to wide and deep margins of society and bring joy to people everywhere. There is no doubt that some of the items in the menswear range are really best suited for men. However, a lot of the Sik Silk clothing collection is suitable for women too. With Sik Silk clothing available in small sizes up to extra-large, this is a clothing brand that caters for everyone. This edgy urban wear clothing brand has the world as its feet, with a massive social media presence, shops stocking their items around the world, and international customers everywhere, the platform is set for huge growth. We wouldn’t be surprised if in the future there was a clothes range aimed at women. After all, they have gone into gym wear and have even designed bikes. Surely women’s clothing is a shorter jump from menswear than BMX bikes?