Sik Silk setting the pace for Facebook for new urban fashion brands

Sik Silk has been in business for 3 years. In that time, they have rapidly climbed up the ladder as one of the leading providers of urban clothing. This has seen them amass over 55,000 fans on their Facebook page.  How were they able to do this? Engagement first While Facebook-commerce has continued its growth over the past few years, Sik Silk understands that many users still use Facebook mainly for engagement. This is why they have focused on posting content geared towards raising interest in the urban clothing range instead of out-right offering sales to their customers.  The brand understands that Facebook is still a customer relationship management tool. Proper engagement with fans increases visibility for the brand. Product centred content From high definition images to tagging models in posts, Sik Silk has been able to consistently post product centred content on Facebook. Throw in the occasional repost of unique customer stories or reviews of purchased products and it is easy to see why the company Facebook page has become such a huge success. The company has mastered the art of driving sales through humanizing sales messages. Two-way communication Many urban fashion brands will rather keep the space between their business and customers. Sik Silk has been able to properly balance having regular communications with their customers and creating an air of scarcity around their products. This balance has been key to the growth of the company as it shows a company that is willing to listen to customers and one that fully understands when to stand on the side lines. One of its most useful tools in this regard is the support tab on the left hand side of the company Facebook page. It allows the company and indeed other fans to see what others are saying about the company- first hand. Consistency in fan-base building campaigns While engagement and communication are important for an effective Facebook presence, consistency is key if a brand wants to continue growing its fan-base. Sik Silk has been able to achieve this by combining on-site Facebook adverts with other forms of adverts posted on other content channels used to target their audience. By constantly putting the brand’s Facebook page in front of their target audience, they have been able to continue pulling in more fans for their page.