Sik Silk shows how the urban fashion scene has changed; and stayed the same

The Sik Silk urban wear clothing brand is a relative newcomer to the streetwear fashion scene. Having being formed in 2012, the company has quickly become a global phenomenon, with attire being worn by celebrities in the music scene, on TV and pictured all over social media. In a funny way the Sik Silk streetwear clothing brand shows how the urban fashion scene has changed, but how it has remained the same as well. An urban clothing brand built through the Internet The success of Sik Silk clothing has, in no small part, been built upon the social media presence the company has developed. From the early days social media was important, with prototype clothing designs pushed onto social media and receiving wide acclaim. The massive social media presence that they now benefit from is fed with regular new releases of streetwear clothing items, as well as retweets and likes of celebrities wearing the Sik Silk clothing brand. The clothing company have of course built relationships and got into off-line stores as well, but the way in which they have used the Internet shows just how the urban fashion scene has changed. Companies these days can develop a huge fan base just by employing some good models, as Sik Silk have in Leon Scott, Toby Leonard and others, and then building a great brand voice for social media. The power of a great design philosophy It has always been the case that a design philosophy that resonates with the target market will lead to successful clothing. The Sik Silk clothing range is built on the idea of combining old school feel with modern designs and ideas. This creates a timeless design style which has resonated about as widely as it possibly could. The way in which the company builds its brand around this thread of design genius, and brings in influences from art, music and sport from America, Japan and Britain, demonstrates the best of old school fashion; you take a great design concept and you use it in diverse clothing ranges that hold together because of the unifying influence of the brand philosophy. So Sik Silk clothing really does represent the new way of doing things combined with the traditional fashion design staples. They have built a position in the urban fashion scene that is about the strongest any UK urban brand has ever been. They’re primed for growth, with a platform of fans all over the world, and fashion designers that are consistently releasing top quality streetwear designs. The future is bright for the Sik Silk clothing range. It is also bright for the urban fashion scene. Sik Silk clothing shows the way to build a clothing brand fast in the modern era, increasingly dominated by social media.