Sik Silk Sponsor Football Club: Stylish training gear guaranteed

The Sik Silk street wear clothing brand has had an amazing amount of success over recent years. What started with a simple design idea, of blending old school hip hop clothing with modern authentic urban styles, has turned into a global phenomenon, with many of the biggest music stars in the world parading in their clobber. As a local Scarborough company, operating from a warehouse in Scarborough Business Park, the founders have decided to sponsor the local football team.

Two of the Sik Silk menswear founders played for Scarborough Athletic

Barry Gill and Dave Thompson, two of the founders, have played for Scarborough Athletic in the past. The third founder, Sam Kay, is also well known in the local football scene. Dave actually scored the first goal in a competitive fixture at the stadium, Teversal, all the way back in 2007.

An opportunity for the clothing company to give back

Barry said: “We really want to be able to give something back to the local community, and are really happy that we have this opportunity to provide some help to Scarborough Athletic”. As a fashion company it makes sense that they should sponsor clothing. That is indeed what they have done. They have sponsored the club’s tracksuits. No doubt then that the Scarborough players will be the best dressed in the division.

From Northern Premier league North to Premier league?

Sik Silk clothing began from spare bedrooms, funded by credit cards, and is now a global brand. It is a successful story that has captured the imagination of thousands on Twitter, and the fashion industry as a whole. Sik Silk have made the Premier league of fashion giants. Scarborough Athletic are currently playing in the Northern Premier league division one North. Don’t hold your breath for them to reach the Premier league, but the sponsorship will certainly help them financially, whilst also benefiting them from the cross branding of a quality local urban clothing company that is only going to get bigger and better.

Who next? Middlesbrough or Hull?

If Sik Silk continue their rise and rise in the menswear fashion industry it may only be a matter of time before they are sponsoring one of the bigger clubs down the road in Middlesbrough, or Hull. It just depends whether the founders are fiercely loyal to their beloved Scarborough Athletic or not. Perhaps that is a question for the next interview with these urban clothing entrepreneurs.