Sik Silk’s effective social media sales strategy examined

Over the years, Sik Silk has been able to make their social media accounts the ideal example for how social media updates can lead to better sales conversions.  In this article we will take a look at how they have gone about their social media strategy. Use of clear calls to action Social media fans visit brand pages for a variety of reasons.  Most importantly, they are on the lookout for something actionable, new and interesting. Sik Silk has been able to tap into this social media behaviour by posting updates that nudge customers towards taking an action that will lead to a sale, or increase the chances of sale. From using call to actions like “Click here to see new arrivals” to “Retweet to enter this competition”, the Sik Silk social team have become masters at effectively using calls to action. Conveying a sense of urgency Social media platforms have a ticker-tape nature. Brands therefore have a very limited amount of time to catch the attention of their followers and fans. This is why it is important to post updates that compel them to act right away. Sik Silk’s updates achieve this perfectly.  Some of the posts feature one time offers and discounts while others compel fans to take certain actions to qualify for a specific prize. Offering exclusive deals to fans on specific networks Similar to the point above, Sik Silk makes sure time-limited offers are tailored to fans and users on specific social media platforms.  This helps ensure growth and loyalty on that particular platform. Encouraging sharing Followers and fans on social media will naturally want to share deals if they feel they offer value. However, they act faster when there is a little incentive to share. Sik Silk understands this and therefore from time to time they ask fans and followers to retweet or share posts to qualify for certain offers. This achieves two things for the brand. Firstly, it increases brand visibility across the social media platform.  Secondly, it provides the company with more leads. Constant updates The fast paced environment of social media means a brand can be forgotten if they don’t update their pages regularly. Sik Silk avoids this by posting on a near daily basis. This way they can remain fresh in the minds of customers and prospective leads while increasing the chances of more conversions. These are some of the ways Sik Silk has been able to achieve increased sales conversions on social media platforms.