Silkstagram. A great example of the Sik Silk social machine

The social media strategies of urban fashion wear company Sik Silk are certainly impressive. In the early days the founders used Facebook to promote and get feedback on their products. In fact, their first product, a prototype baseball shirt, was really put on Facebook so they could get some feedback and see if they had an idea they could run with. In this article will take a look at the social media presence of this incredible menswear brand. We’ll see how Silkstagram epitomises what they do.

An amazing online presence for a young fashion brand

The online presence of the Sik Silk clothing brand is nothing short of extraordinary. They have developed a massive following on Twitter, with over 43,000 followers. They have also amassed over 55,000 likes on Facebook. They’ve achieved this through daily activity, and intelligently drip feeding their clothing lines throughout the year. They have always provided something to talk about, and have always taken on board the feedback of their customers to ensure that they get things right. With such an amazing social media presence on Twitter and Facebook you might have thought they’d rest there. The reality is that their products lend themselves superbly to Instagram too. Silkstagram-making social media their own From the Sik Silk website you will see them promoting Silkstagram, their own name for their Instogram presence. When you take a look at their profile you’ll see loads of snaps and interesting images from photo shoots around the world. You’ll see their regular models, such as Toby Leonard and Leon Scott, and you’ll see celebrities sporting the Sik Silk clothing range. The name of this section represents the melding together of the Sik Silk menswear brand and social media. It is almost as if, by naming the section so, the company is giving acknowledgement to how crucial social media has been, and is to their development. There is no doubt that the founders understand social media and have developed a voice that speaks to their target market. As you browse through the social media channels offered by Sik Silk clothing you will find office banter, new urbanwear releases, acknowledgements to celebrities wearing the clothing brand and much more. There is lots of interest mixed in with exposure of the latest clothing lines. This is one of the most engaging companies on social media, and this will help to propel the company over the hundred thousand connection point sometime in 2016. Sik Silk clothing is a model for how social media should be done in the streetwear fashion world today. There are able to leverage on every opportunity and develop a thorough understanding of what their audience craves. This ability seems to have been there from the start, and is growing day by day as they interact more with everyone they connect with on social media platforms.