Social Media Geniuses: Sik Silk menswear

The world of social media is a powerful place. You can quickly test new ideas and concepts, and engage with an audience like in no other sphere. One company that has certainly used the social channels to their maximum impact is Sik Silk, a men’s urban clothing brand that has quickly grown to become an international presence. The Sik Silk menswear clothing company began as an idea, and the trio that founded the company in Scarborough quickly established proof of concept over social media channels. If it hadn’t been for their Facebook campaign they may never have had the confidence to reach out and give up their day jobs. In fact, in the early days they didn’t even have a website. Facebook was it. Over the years the fan-base of Sik Silk has grown dramatically. From a few hundred followers to tens of thousands, the company now has celebrities endorsing them, and retweets and Facebook likes that would make a Hollywood celebrity jealous.

An engaging menswear brand personality

They achieve this through really engaging with people. They communicate in a way that is open and transparent, and shows their sense of humour. Social media is a unique place where you can present a brand with full personality on view. When you do this people understand the brand, and the people behind it; and people buy from people they like. The amazing power of the Sik Silk social campaigns has been their ability to draw in celebrity interest and backing, the voice they’ve adopted, which speaks directly to their followers, their ability to try out new things through social media, and introduced new products quickly to the marketplace. Very few companies in the fashion world have managed to strike such a fine balance between familiarity and professionalism as do Sik Silk in their social media campaigns. Sik Silk have won awards for the social media campaigns. And it is little wonder considering the success they’ve had with them. Over the coming years the following is no doubt going to increase tenfold, and that will help drive this incredible brand further into the mainstream of the menswear fashion world.

Quality social media for a quality urban brand

Of course none of this could be achieved without tremendous products and design concepts. With social media you do expose yourself to negativity if things aren’t produced to the quality they should be. This hasn’t been an issue with Sik Silk, because they go to great pains to ensure that every product matches their brand standard. Check out the Sik Silk Twitter and Facebook feeds, and keep an eye on Instagram for new lines and celebrity pictures. It really is a brand that creates a community full of interesting people, and full of interest for everyone.