Some Of The Best Clothing for the Gym: From Illusive London

Few modern, contemporary urban fashion designers can boast of the same influence and respect that Illusive London possess. This is, predominantly, due to the extensive staff’s history of working within the modern streetwear sector, through previous brand SikSilk (sure to set any future business up for a wealth of success). However, to say Illusive London’s current popularity has all hinged upon a previous, successful foray into the urban clothing marketplace is to sell them short; one of the key principles of their successful business model is their willingness to engage and communicate with their customers. A social media take off It’s well-known, now that Illusive made headlines with their initial starting shot, which seen them release a string of uniquely designed masculine, yet experimental, t-shirts and vests, which then prompted a 10,000 people strong social media presence – all in the space of three months. This is because they listened, they tweaked and they designed to fit their customers’ requirements. The gym: a modern testing ground Where many other, lesser menswear brands fail, is in offering their customers adaptable clothing for the gym or other fitness outlets. Not Illusive – they heard the cries and they answered the calls. If you’re on the lookout for clothing that not only fits your form and looks fantastic when out on the street, but can also be used successfully during your workouts, all with an industry-gold-standard of amazing urban style… You can’t do any better than Illusive London. Why they’ve become the finest menswear brand Again, this isn’t just because Illusive listen – it’s because they did their own research long before hitting the marketplace, and knew exactly what their business goals were from the beginning. The sole purpose and market of Illusive London has always been to meet the demands of a contemporary male dominated urban streetwear demographic. They didn’t just strike lucky with their first line of menswear clothing, and then decide to stick to that track. No, they made their own luck. Which is why, by targeting the male physique (particularly the muscular side of the community), they’ve managed to sculpt out the finest urban styled, uniquely designed clothing that can meet the everyday demands of looking good, whilst doubling up as appropriate exercise or gym wear. You’ve heard of one size fits all – well, Illusive are now giving you one outfit fits all. What more could you want?