Some Of The Best Streetwear Gym Wear On The Market From ‘The Kid’

Fresh Ego Kid might be the new ‘kid’ on the block, but the company has taken on the task of revolutionizing the urban fashion scene with aplomb. Their range of street styled gym wear is a perfect example of what the company stands for. Joggers Here at Thomas Gun, we’ve been hard pushed to keep the Fresh Ego Kid joggers in stock, due to their high demand. The popularity isn’t surprising, though, when you account for their vibrant, standout design statements. The joggers from Fresh Ego Kid are distinctly urban in both look and feel.  Their tight fitting nature and elastic ankle bands make them a must have for any urban man.  The material used in the manufacturing is guaranteed to withstand wear and tear of regular gym workouts; this extra durability and comfort is aided by the choice of material - 65% cotton and 35% polyester. T-shirts Fresh Ego Kid t-shirts are made from 100% cotton, meaning they guarantee you comfort all through your gym session. The shirts are not just practical, however, but also incredibly stylish, with eye-catching design work across the full range. Additionally, much like the rest of Fresh Ego Kid’s gym wear, the choice of materials ensures that long lasting, regular usage won’t wear these shirts out any time soon. Do you have any questions about Fresh Ego Kid gym wear? Or are you looking for some wardrobe advice? Get in touch with us today and we’ll respond to any and all of your questions. You can trust us, here at Thomas Gun, to spot a future industry leader when we see one – Fresh Kid Ego have a bright future ahead of them, whether that’s on our shelves or in your wardrobe. Select your gym wear from Fresh Ego Kid today and give yourself the perfect lift you need to appear stylish at all times; even sweating it out in the gym.