Sporty Hoodies From An Urban Clothing Brand With Sporting Roots

At some point in the recent past, a particularly nefarious trend began within the sporting, urban and streetwear fashion industries – trading in authentic, effective and useful sports clothing for something that lacked the same usefulness but had a similar aesthetic. This is why you’d rarely see jogging pants, leggings or a tracksuit actually in use on the sporting fields, or exercise arenas that they were originally designed for.  Somewhere along the line, big businesses stared tailoring useless, but stylish clothing to an unsuspecting public. Luckily, authenticity and passion for the urbanwear industry is on the rise in the form of Bee Inspired Clothing. Founded by Professional Footballers The majority of clothing brands that you’ll see selling sporting, streetwear or urban styled clothes, today, are the result of board room meetings and businessman discussing market trends in order to capitalise on investments. Little inspiration, passion or experience with the styles actually seems to exist. Then we look at something as refreshing as Bee Inspired Clothing, an independent urbanwear outlet created by two ex-footballers; men who know exercise, fitness and streetwear inside and out. Who better to lead us into a better age of fashion? Example Hoodies from this Urbanwear Brand Take for example the diverse and deep range of hoodies that Bee Inspired offer – not only are these stylish, desirable and comfortable pieces of clothing; but they serve a useful purpose. An affordable Bee Inspired hoodie will keep you insulated from the biting winter wind, whilst being light enough for wearing during sports play or exercising outside (think football training or running tracks). Take the Stealth Track Top, selling for a fantastic price of £45.00, this hoodie is specifically designed to function as both a key part of an exercise outfit, as well as looking great if you were to wear it casually, or out on the town. This is a true match up of style and practicality. Why Not Try This Exciting Fashion Label? So, we ask, what do you have to lose by trying out one of the most exciting newcomers to the sporting, urban fashion industry in recent years? You know you’re getting high quality goods, with huge value for money. But that’s not all; you’re also assured that the clothing you purchase is authentic, it’s useful and it’s been designed specifically for you by the guys who know best.