Streetwear For The Sports Field From Bee Inspired

The biggest pitfall to look out for when scouring the current landscape of men’s fashion for sportswear or clothing that looks like it’s fit for the gym or an exercise regime, is that most of the major male fashion retailers care more about the appearance than they do the usefulness of their clothing ranges. You might think that this is a given, seeing as we’re discussing fashion; where appearances matter the most. But although appearances might be enough to generate good sales figures, it’s not enough to guarantee customer satisfaction in the long run. This is why we’re focusing on a new, up and coming brand which approaches male sportswear with a conscience and passion: Bee Inspired. It’s In Their Blood Bee Inspired Clothing was always destined for success within the sportswear market, from their very beginning. This is due to the background of the company’s founding members – Mark Corcoran and Steven Robb; both of whom were young professional footballers at the time of the streetwear brand’s creation. The pair were, naturally, quick to realize that were was something seriously lacking from the sportswear, urbanwear and street clothing that their colleagues and friends were buying for both on and off the pitch. Subsequently, they took matters into their own hands and decided to try and rework the bad trends of the contemporary male fashion world. Sportswear That Looks Good and Feels Better There are multiple reasons for Bee Inspired’s incredible success thus far, but one of the key reasons (and this is something that many other menswear brands could stand to learn from) is that they approach their market with honesty and accuracy in mind. When a Bee Inspired hoodie promises to not only deliver on the style front, but also double up as fantastically effective clothing to wear on the sports field, or at the gym – you’d best believe it. The fashion designers at Bee put time, effort and dedication into creating clothing that lets the user breathe, sweat and flex enough to actually be worth wearing during strenuous activities. But that’s only half the battle; the second half comes in the form of the unique designs, daring colors and truly special cuts and fits that Bee adorn their various menswear ranges with. You simply cannot find the same mix of effectiveness, style, creativity and value for money from any other sportswear or streetwear supplier operating in the UK today.