Taking Streetwear Fashion To A Softer Level

Here at Thomas Gun, menswear is our passion. We are always looking at latest fashion trends to see which celebrities are wearing what, and where their fashion directions are taking them. This helps to make sure we are always on top of the game when providing our customers with the very best and the very latest in men’s urban fashion. The Milan Men’s Fashion week is one event we keep an eye on for these trends. In the latest installment; design and production was taken to an entirely new level.  Some of the biggest men’s fashion designers in the world took center stage and the runway to show off the latest industry designs. Men’s appearance on the runway is no longer as emasculating as it was thought in the past. The Alpha male of today enjoys relaxing baths, skin moisturizing and his own fair selection of fashion to choose from. This is part of what makes the Fashion Week such a huge success in our modern time. Rich and Decorative patterns reign supreme Missoni was the center of attention, as they went for the middle-eastern/Asian blend. This combination is a perfect mix of themes, styles and designs emerging from Marrakech and India. Some of their collection featured rich patterned, decorative coats and suits as well as knitted clothing wear – all popular, modern offerings. Industry titans Gucci had only a few days to prepare for the event, but they still wowed the audience with a delicate 70s look. This aesthetic included silk blouses, trimmed frills and Victorian high collars.  The offerings from both designers were a perfect summation of what was to come throughout the rest of the night – daring, new and bold fashion statements. No designer had their models hitting the run way with smart jeans and a simple t-shirt, admittedly, but here at Thomas Gun, we have confirmation that our colorful and softer toned t-shirt designs from the Thomas Gun range are a perfect reflection of modern men’s fashion. So, with that in mind, feel free to look beyond the standard dark or muted color t-shirt designs we have on offer, to some of the more colorful designs which are working toward a new idea of modern masculinity.