The Attire Signature T-shirt: A Must Have For Your Wardrobe

If you are a discerning city man looking for clothing that will reflect an active urban lifestyle then Avid Attire is certainly a brand that you should have your eye on. The clothing range from this company isn’t yet extensive, but it is growing month in month out as new collections are released. One piece that you should certainly consider adding to your wardrobe is the Avid Attire signature T-shirt. The design of the streetwear T-shirt This T-shirt is made with a water-based print, has a curved hem and is certainly designed for your basics collection. It is solid color over its entirety, with ‘Avid’ blazoned across the chest in the cool Avid Attire font. The fit is great for those that have an athletic build, with lines that work with your physique to accentuate your shoulders and torso. It is a design that works great with jeans or joggers. Choosing new urban brands It can be difficult to choose a new urban brand to add to your wardrobe. At Thomas Gun we know what great clothing looks like, and are very discerning about the clothing companies that we stock on our website. Having been in the business for over three decades we have seen companies come and go, and are always looking for up-and-coming brands that add something different; those that are here to stay. At the moment we are looking at companies like Intense Menswear, Fresh Ego Kid, Bee Inspired and of course Avid Attire. What these companies have in common is that they put in place quality design and manufacture processes, offer good support, make clothes that are true to size and have a niche into which they fit nicely. We have tried to take the uncertainty out of trying out new brands by giving you the assurance that we have hand selected these companies because they do things the right way.  The Avid Attire process Avid Attire does all their design and development work in-house and then sends the manufacture process to European factories. They then receive the manufactured clothing and do quality control packing in-house. The process that they have set up is streamlined and slick and ensures that every garment is built to brand specifications. We are confident that they have robust processes in place, and that every item you will receive is high quality. You can buy with confidence on the Thomas Gun website, so add the urban wear signature T-shirt from the Avid Attire clothing collection to your wardrobe today.