The Autumn Winter Range from Sik Silk is getting really exciting

The Sik Silk menswear clothing brand has developed very fast since its launch in 2012. Over that time we have seen the collections evolve and grow to the point where we now see numerous releases in every department of this global street clothing brand. In this piece will take a look at some of the exciting items in the AW 15 collection-the autumn and winter collection for 2015. Six silk navy tracksuit One of the first things that comes out in winter is your favourite tracksuit. Only sadomasochists wear shorts in the UK winter. This long zip Navy tracksuit is soft to the touch and distinctly urban in design. The zip is a standout feature, looking premium quality and adding a touch of style. The shape of the tracksuit, with tapered ankles to the trousers and sleeves to the wrists, suits an athletic build and accentuates one’s physique. The model, Leon Scott, makes it look good, but it will look good on anyone who loves the active urban style. The new hoodies As you would expect Sik Silk clothing have released some streetwear hoodies and sweatshirts for the autumn and winter season range. The dip fade elongated hoodie from Sik Silk is a classic. It has Sik Silk branding in signature form across the chest, in white on a blue background, and midway down the torso the blue fades to white in a dip fade effect. This is a casual hoodie that could be worn with ripped jeans, and will, for many, become a main streetwear item for winter. The new hoodies from Sik Silk really do show the skill and design flair of the Sik Silk streetwear clothing brand. Very exciting! The flannel curved hem tee Another standout in the the Sik Silk AW 15 range is the flannel curved hem tee. It is a long sleeved tee that is warm and superbly stylish. Modelled by Toby Leonard it looks amazing. It is available in two colours, a light cream with an initial logo on the left breast, and a black with a black initial logo. The logos blend in and stylishly point to the quality of the brand. The base layer long sleeved T-shirts The Sik Silk streetwear base layer long sleeved shirts are the perfect garments to transition from outside to the warmth of inside. You can wear them under a sweater and a jacket, or under a hoodie, and then still look stylish when you take off the outerwear. Available in different colours, with the initial logo contrasting against the background, and with quality seams, these are warm, stylish, top-quality urban wear for the autumn winter season. If you are looking to kit out your wardrobe for the colder months of the year, and have some items that are going to last for years to come, in terms of both longevity and urban style, then take a look at the AW 15 collection from Sik Silk urban clothing.