The Avid Attire Look

A new company that is making waves in the streetwear fashion scene at the moment is Avid Attire. The clothing from this unisex brand is designed with the urban city dwelling person in mind. On the Thomas Gun website we feature the menswear clothing collection from Avid Attire. Let’s take a look at what the collection is all about and the look that you will gain by wearing it. First things first-active urban wear The first thing to say about the Avid Attire look is that it is an active urban style. The T-shirts, jogging pants, sweatshirts and hoodies are all perfect for those with the athletic build. This is the kind of clothing you would see on street dancers doing spins and flips. If you aspire to the active urban lifestyle then this is a brand that will help you fit in but stand out. Staples for your wardrobe The clothing from this streetwear clothing company is generally not overly flamboyant (The vest are more so). Every item is extremely well made in a European factory, and all designs are completed in-house in the UK head office. This is clothing you can wear out and about, to the gym or to a bar and seamlessly blend in, whilst looking stylish. There are lots of Blacks, greys and iron colours, reflective of that urban fashion genre that this company fits so well into. The Avid Attire streetwear branding In general the Avid Attire branding is very subtle. For example, the slug T-shirts have a tab on the left hand side featuring the word ‘Avid’. The exception to this is the signature T-shirts, which, as you’d expect, have the Avid brand emblazoned on the chest. The brand is always stylish and uniform, ensuring it meets the standards and style of this company. A word about the jogging pants The biker jogging pants are a little different. They have a corrugated look across the knees and really are a unique garment. They are stylish and mark this company out as one that is willing to try things that are a little different. Great to combine with other urban wear brands One of the great things about all the items in this collection being staples, and fitting together nicely, is that they also go well with other urban wear brands. This is great clothing to use to complement other items from more established companies, or newcomers that have an active urban design philosophy. You will find that you will go to Avid Attire clothing again and again because it combines so beautifully with other urban menswear garments.