The beauty of drip feeding an urban range: Sik Silk

One of the most revolutionary clothing brands on the market is Sik Silk urban wear. Since the beginning, when they started with a prototype baseball shirt, they used social media to gauge the opinion of their market and release new clothes. Over the intervening couple of years they have drip fed clothes into their range for each season. This marks a relatively new way of doing things in the fashion scene, and a way that fits perfectly with their social media-based model. The big collection release from most clothing companies Most big clothing brands tend to release one big collection for a season. They frantically work to get everything ready and then release it in one big day. This serves to provide a lot of attention on that single day, but it’s kind of like Christmas- You get all of these goodies in one go and find it hard to take it all in. The release model by Sik Silk urban wear The way in which Sik Silk clothing release items, as we’ve said, fits perfectly into the new age of social media marketing. They build anticipation with a few tweets or Facebook messages, and then release clothing through pics on their social media. This gives people time to comment and share, and ensures they have plenty of feedback for everything they release. This feedback is essential to the development of a clothing brand, and Sik Silk urban wear get this aspect of their business just right. The engaging streetwear clothing brand Every time Sik Silk clothing says or does something in the media, or on social channels, they speak with the Sik Silk clothing brand voice. It comes across as open, transparent and genuine and speaks directly to their target market. When they release pictures of their clothing it is worn by models such as Toby Leonard and Leon Scott, the kind of guys that wear their clothing. When they have office banter and post it on Twitter it really speaks to the consumer. The drip feeding of the clothing ranges, such as the mode in which they are releasing the AW 15 collection, really does engage their audience. That is perhaps why they have over 40,000 followers on Twitter. They continually have fresh and interesting material to post and talk about, and are able to provide plenty of social interest and visuals for their fan base. A developing urbanwear range Sik Silk clothing items are no doubt ready months before release. However, by drip feeding clothing into the urban collection Sik Silk can decide when they release what, and even tweak what they do release late on. This flexibility is rare in the fashion scene, and Sik Silk streetwear certainly benefit from this mode of operation. Sik Silk clothing is renowned for the engagement they have with their following, and the quality of the ranges they release. They take the pressure off by drip feeding, and ensure that they have a steady stream of new interest going through their social media channels and onto their urban menswear website on a regular basis. This is certainly a model that works in today’s online fashion world, and is perfect for this streetwear fashion company.