The Bee Inspired Urbanwear Gift Card: A Perfect Gift

What do you buy the man who has everything? The same old stuff again? A random gift that you hope he may like, but that you’re not certain of? Nothing? The answer is none of the above; for the modern man who owns all the latest gadgets, equipment and frivolous items you can shake a stick at, you buy him a gift card. Why? Because he knows what he wants better than you do. But What Does He Want? If the man you’re trying to buy a gift for is anything like the majority of modern, young men living in the UK today, then he’ll have a taste for some of the fantastic urban menswear that’s hitting our markets. Sure, he may have a wardrobe fit to bursting already, but there’s always room for improvement and replacement – which is why we think you should consider a Bee Inspired Clothing gift card for the fashion conscious male in your life. Who are Bee Inspired? In the off chance that you’ve somehow not heard of the most exciting new streetwear brand catering to the fashion conscious modern male, then meet Bee Inspired – the future of urban menswear. The Bee Inspired brand was conceptualized by two young footballers, Mark Corcoran and Steven Robb, who noticed a huge lack of passionate, practical and stylish urbanwear available on the market back in October 2013. Quick to realize that this dream of a stronger, more exciting menswear industry could only be achieved if they were the ones to do it, the two packed in their promising sporting career in order to focus on creating an incredibly new streetwear clothing brand – and so they did. Influences and Style Amongst the shelves of the Bee Inspired store, you’ll be hard pushed to find nothing that appeals to the man in your life – whether that’s a new pair of trainers for hitting the gym, a stylish new hoodie for keeping this winter weather at bay, or simply a fantastic T-shirt for sprucing up his current selection of drab clothing; it’s all there, and at affordable prices. The Gift Card The Bee Inspired Gift card is a fantastic idea for anybody struggling to think of a perfect gift – not only will you be delivering the guarantee of high quality, modern urban clothing for your friend, partner or relative – but you give them the freedom and thrill of seeing what Bee Inspired can offer them, for themselves.