The Dirty Angels Clothing story

Clothing Founded on Creativity and Design Backgrounds

Dirty Angels is the story of a clothing brand founded by those from a creativity and design background as opposed to fashion, although the passion was there right from the very beginning. The desire wasn’t to follow the trends, but to create their own trends for others to follow. They want to be the leaders in the industry, not the sheep.

‘Imitation is something we do not do.’

The founders have a strong belief that dressing well is of the upmost importance, hence why the combination of their skillset along with their beliefs, have the potential to create such a successful clothing brand.dirty angels1

Top Quality Products

A lot of the Dirty Angels tees include a lot of graphic print detailing, therefore there has to be a lot of consideration over the quality of the t-shirts as to not lose any details. As a result the t-shirts ae 70% cotton and 30% polyester to ensure you are truly getting a top quality product. The t-shirts are designed for the en masse, however each and every individual is accounted for with regards to style, shape and print. There are the basic tees for those with a minimalistic style and several graphic prints for those who fancy something a bit bolder. The shapes of the t-shirts all vary in sleeve styles, neck styles and pocket styles also. This is consistent throughout the entire collection, however the pairing between graphic and style has been carefully chosen.dirty angels2

What Inspires the Dirty Angels graphics?

If you browse the Dirty Angels section on the Thomas Gun website, it is clear that they are interested in youth culture and appeal to those greatly. Every young person loves to party, and have a strong interest in music and films. Tattoos are increasingly common amongst them. Holidays – from travelling, to party islands such as Ibiza. Each moment is captured by a photo, whether this be amateur, spur of the moment photography or skilfully composed. Every part of our lives is documented via the graphics on the Dirty Angels tees, which is incredibly thoughtful. Even for the older crowd it may generate some nostalgic memories for those; something for everyone.dirty angels3

‘It’s about capturing the moment and expressing it in design’

Something for everyone

The polos also appeal to the slightly older crowd who may feel that street wear isn’t for them – Dirty Angels proves that it can be! It’s a smarter and simple look. Every last detail has been seriously thought out by the ingenious designers of the brand, even down to the logo. A standard logo for most urban wear brands would be clearly placed on the chest. However Dirty Angels have gone for something a little different, the logo is placed on the back right shoulder. Since the logo is winged, relating to the ‘Angels’ in the brand name, it makes perfect sense for it to be placed there! This highlights that they are not solely concerned with huge branding like many others are. It is not the first thing that catches you eye, it’s the incredible designs instead. This is a much less selfish approach which I think many other streetwear brands should definitely consider.