The Engaging Social Face Of Menswear Company Bee Inspired

If you ask anyone operating in or running a business in our modern time, what the most important aspect of retaining customer loyalty is, they’ll likely all give you the same answer: a strong social media presence. This is true for any company, in any industry, selling any product – without a strong social face, your company is going to drift off into the grey matter of your customers’ minds, and be replaced with stronger, more communicative competitors. We hate to see companies miss this vital aspect of modern business, which is why we’re talking about Bee Inspired’s hugely impressive engagement with social media. A Social Foundation For the guys over at Bee Inspired Clothing, social media isn’t just another branch of the PR machine, or a job for an intern to take over at minimum wage. It’s their bread and butter. Having originally started from humble origins as a passionate dream between two friends (who happened to give up their careers as footballers to take on the task), the menswear fashion brand was forced to turn to social media to get their foot in the urban wear marketplace. Starting with a small range of four T-shirt designs, the team quickly took to Facebook in order to sell them and create something of a buzz, if you’ll pardon the pun. This proved to be more successful than anybody could have predicted – soon the guys had to restock and increase their online reach to meet demand. Why Was This? The reason for this early, and continued, success wasn’t luck – it was strong social presence and communication. By being honest, open and discursive with their first few customers, Bee Inspired managed to create a positive word of mouth for their new streetwear brand, which brought them most customers and, subsequently more online hits. This sort of independent, momentum based business model is absolutely essential for new companies starting from the ground up; especially if they’re trying to break into a marketplace as saturated and closed off as the menswear/streetwear/urban fashion industry. Start As You Mean To Go On The really important lesson to take from Bee Inspired, however, is to never forget your beginnings – some smaller businesses start out with fantastic social media awareness and presence, only to quickly forget this bedrock as soon as they attain some success. This is the wrong way to go about things. Instead, follow Bee Inspired’s example and continue to be communicative, honest and responsive with your customers at all times.