The FEK Barcode Tee: Fresh Ego Kid

As one of the most exciting new urban brands to make their way into the modern menswear market, Fresh Ego Kid constantly have to prove themselves in comparison to the bigger, older names in the industry. Luckily for both us, and them, they seem to show no sign of slipping up – as is seen by their wide selection of daring, bold and innovative streetwear designs and style choices. Today, we’re going to take a specific look at one of their most popular T-shirt offerings: the Barcode Tee. The Design of this streetwear tee from Fresh Ego Kid The design of this tee is pretty much exactly what it sounds like – a plain base colored, classic style of T-shirt with the added design of a large barcode stretched across the chest section (complete with a subtle heart in amongst the bars). This design is part and parcel of the Fresh Ego Kid commitment to combining both interesting modern iconography with a classic style of clothing that’ll meet the needs of even the most hard to please modern man. The Colour combinations This fantastic shirt comes in a choice of two different colors: either a base white, with a black barcode design, or a base black, with a green barcode design, giving some scope to those who might want to opt for something a little different than a plain white tee. This is to say nothing of the high quality, comfortable and hard wearing materials that Fresh Ego Kid manufactures all of their urban wear with – not just the shirts! Why we chose Fresh Ego Kid Menswear We chose to stock Fresh Ego Kid’s menswear because it’s offering something that many other big name producers in the industry are failing to deliver: a refreshing style and high class of material priced appropriately. It’s difficult to find a stand-out ethical clothing company, and when one comes along, we like to be front and center for their menswear offerings. Why Not Try for Yourself? But don’t just take our word for it – go ahead and check out some of the unique, daring and exciting designs coming out of the Fresh Ego Kid offices, and take home a new slice of modern style to revitalize your old wardrobe!