The Future Looks Bright for Menswear Company Illusive London

To say that Illusive London have a gigantic advantage over their competition within the menswear market is an understatement.  Let’s start with the company’s team of staff. The majority of the brains behind Illusive London are the very same that created, cultivated SikSilk clothing range, and launched it into worldwide fame, amongst celebrities and regular customers alike. Moving on from that incredible starting point, we then have the fact that Illusive somehow achieved the corporate impossible by collecting over 10,000 individual social media followers and subscribers through their various networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.). This is the sort of exponential growth that any big streetwear business would pay millions to achieve. Where does the success come from? Like any successful business, achieving the heady heights of menswear fame is a simple case of knowing your audience and your industry inside out. This has been a key principle of the Illusive London business philosophy from the early days. The staff brought their infective passion for fashion design and set their sights specifically upon one of the largest, and growing, clothing demographics of our modern times: menswear and the male physique. Illusive’s huge victory over the industry stems not from luck but from rigorous market research and daring design choices. They knew that there was very little on offer that met the demand of being both practical and stylish for the average fit male, so they designed a range of clothing that can be worn effectively whilst working out. They knew that style had long since died out in the modern urban menswear market, and had devolved into unflattering baggier styles of clothing - which is why Illusive went out of their way to design tighter, form-fitting and comfortable clothing that any man would be proud to show off. Illusive also knew that risks pay off, in the fashion world (even if their larger urban wear competitors don’t agree) which is why, from the very beginning, we’ve been seeing unique design choices like the pastel colored floral designs on their extensive range of men’s T-shirts or their vibrant, bright and bold color palettes, which often sit at odds with big fashion’s idea of what men like. With a strong communitive relationship with their customers and fan base alike, as well as the right attitude to take the modern fashion world by storm – it’s difficult to see anything but a startlingly bright future for this up and coming brand.