The History of the Sik Silk Brand

Sik Silk and was established back in 2012. At the start it was very much a case of trying something out. Strolling around Manhattan one of the company founders spotted a kid who was wearing clothes that were a little out of the ordinary. His outfit was pushing the barriers of style through a combination of old school and contemporary style, yet he pulled it off. It was vintage authenticity at its best.

A menswear brand is born

The idea developed in the mind, and from that moment an idea took root that became powerful. The World Wide Web is an amazing place. This Scarborough trio that founded the urban wear brand used Facebook, and other social media platforms, to start connecting. Over the next few months 50 conversations became 1000 and it became very clear that people were interested in the design prototype that was being pushed forward.Sik Silk 6

Celebrities endorse Sik Silk streetwear clothing

Quickly celebrities were requesting that they could endorse and wear the clothing. This was great news for the brand set up by three chums from Scarborough with little more than a few spare rooms and some credit cards.siksilk 8 Lots of photos and blogs from celebrities started to flow through the Twitter sphere. Within 6 months things were going, and within 12 months a brand was born that was being applauded throughout the urban menswear scene. There are now tens of thousands of Sik Silk followers on social media. Footlocker in the US and FootAsylum in the UK have come on board and are now stocking this brand, which became one of the fastest selling of 2014 and 2015.

A global expansion of this trendy fashion company

The business is not slowing up though. What started in spare rooms and with maxed out credit cards, is now a world recognised brand. The business launched in Australia, Ireland, Benelux, Netherlands, USA, Japan, France, China, and Hong Kong in 2014 and it has had a massive amount of success. Their customers are literally everywhere around the world. It just goes to show that a great idea whose time has come is unstoppable.siksilk 7