The Illusive London/ Pukka Up Collaboration

An exciting revelation within the urban wear fashion world sees a huge collaboration between Pukka Up and Illusive London, both joining with Statement Clothing, to create one of the hottest ranges of men’s streetwear! How did this fashion designer allegiance come about? For starters, Pukka Up and Statement Clothing put their heads together back in the summer of 2015 to start churning out some of the finest street wear that global fashion markets have ever seen. After having a long summer of success, they’ve seen the fashion light and set their sights on teaming up with the aptly named Illusive London brand – but these unrivalled fashion designers might not be quite as illusive as you think. Who are Illusive London? Illusive London stems from the same team of menswear designers that dominated the fashion world with SikSilk. This time around, the guys wanted to set their targets on something a little different, exciting and more specific: the male physique. Illusive London specialise in menswear that focuses on the male body with tight cuts, muscular fitting fabrics and some top of the range classic-fused-with modern designs. A unique collaboration We can’t talk about this huge collaboration enough – the urban fashion scene has been begging for something like this for years, and now here it comes in a bigger way than any of us could have predicted. If the past success of SikSilk is anything to go by, the streetwear market is in for an upheaval of the greatest order. The guys over at Illusive London seem to eat, drink, breathe and live urban wear, going by their huge range of incredible designs that range from the average customer on the street, all the way to A-listers and DJs sporting the SikSilk and Illusive London name. With the news of this huge team up, and the promised threads coming our way, who can fail to be excited? What can we expect from the collaboration? This new super team of fashion designers, between Illusive London, Pukka Up and Statement Clothing aren’t taking their new position lightly – they’ve already promised us some of the best hip hop wear you can imagine, with four brand new designs set to hit shelves soon. They promise us that the four new pieces will sweep this year’s Ibiza street scene by storm, with laid-back, adaptable looks fit for the club, the street or just relaxing throughout the day. Illusive have you covered!