The Leader in the Street Wear Fashion Industry Is Sik Silk

The urban menswear industry is packed full of street clothing companies. It is not always easy to distinguish between those that are here to stay and those that are going to fall out of favour due to lack of quality and imagination. One that is certainly here for the long haul is Sik silk.Established by three friends from scar borough back in 2012, it has become a rip roaring success in the UK and around the world. Huge deals have been signed and a massive following on social media is driving things forward. People just love this urban street wear brand.sik silk 1

Edgy menswear with attitude

Sik Silk was influenced in the first place, and remains influenced, by American and Japanese culture. Essentially, the company realised that in the UK was very difficult to find edgy American style fashion. Sik silk now sales baseball jerseys, caps and vests with a true American streetwear feel. It is menswear clothing with attitude. The kind of urban wear clothes that Sik Silk makes are not readily available on the high street, or in many of the normal outlets. This makes Sik Silk the leader in their type of hip hop clothing, and helps them to build a following through social media and broker big deals with fashion chains that want a piece of the action.sik silk 2

A quality streetwear brand

Everything that the Sik Silk brand does is quality. From the deals they do to the menswear clothing they make, everything demonstrates attention to detail that is second to none in the industry. They now have a presence now pretty much everywhere around the world, and fans left right and centre. The business has a platform to take over the Urban menswear scene around the world. For the three lads from Scarborough that set the company up it is a little humbling. They began with an operation from their spare rooms and now they have more than a dozen staff and growing. This is a success story that is hard to match in the fashion industry. The story, the quality of the clothing, and the progress that this brand is making are the big reasons that this brand, Sik Silk, is the leading name, and the leading light in the streetwear fashion industry.