The Nena & Pasadena Story

The Brain Behind The Brand – Buddy Franklin

Nena and Pasadena is a menswear brand which was born in Melbourne by Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin back in 2009. For those of you who don’t know, Buddy is a professional Australian rules footballer who plays for the Sydney Swans in the AFL.  Buddy teamed up with prominent menswear designer in Australia, Paul Edwards and close friend Ryan Griggs who were already co-founders of successful clothing labels Kiss Chasey and Sushi Radio. The focus was to create an...

‘Edgy, outgoing and vibrant street wear label.’

The brand is has also had lots of support by co-owner and British distributer, the England cricketer, Kevin Pietersen. They guys all wanted to created luxury streetwear brand at affordable prices to appeal to the growing fashion conscious, Australian youths. The brands success began with a very well-orchestrated marketing campaign, with the help of Buddy’s celebrity status and face of the brand, alongside the professional knowledge of those behind the scenes. This was the beginning of something huge!nena and pasadena 3

Not Just a Pretty Face

Buddy initially decided to set up the brand to set himself up after his football career. He has always had a strong passion when it comes to fashion and style, so this seemed like the perfect, yet ambitious task. Trying to find a gap in the ever-growing street wear market is very difficult, creating a brand and its values takes time and dedication; however Buddy’s pulled it off seemingly effortlessly – with a little help of experienced industry professionals. He has a strong belief that footballers need something else to channel their energy into other than football; else football will become all they live and breathe, becoming dangerously all-encompassing.nena and pasadena 1 The brand is now globally known for it’s trademark explicit graphic printed tees for every season, catering for everyone’s needs across the world. Many brands today are going for simplistic and minimal designs, but with Nena and Pasadena you will always stand out. Their vests, denims, shorts, iconic flight pants, outerwear and accessories allow everyone to master the Nena and Pasadena look.

What’s next for Nena & Pasadena? Global Domination.

Since the brand was fully established, it now become a multi-million dollar business with Neverland outlets all over Australia, namely Melbourne’s CBD and the highly stylish Chapel Street, and more recently in Harrods and of course! The brand is now worn by sports stars, reality stars and general celebrities worldwide. Both males and females especially love the flight pants such as buyer and stylist, Mel Tan from Mel Joy Hysteric. They became so successful that they decided to create an entire collection where the unique flight pants are available in 10 different colours.nena and pasadena 2 Buddy has progressed on and his fashion industry supremacy is increasing. He is now an owning partner in THE Neverland Store which stocks both Australian brands and international brands, including Nena and Pasadena, plus the huge name, Superdry. Nena and Pasadena, Buddy and the other guys have us all on the edge of our seats in anticipation to see what’s next for their international fashion domination!