The People Behind Bee Inspired Streetwear

Most huge fashion businesses, brands and outlets come from a place of financial backing, nepotism and, simply, luck. This can lead to huge high street chains churning out sterilized, passionless streetwear with no real sense of identity or authenticity. It’s this very simple, very human aspect that sets Bee Inspired apart from the rest. Footballers Who Know Fashion Bee Inspired Clothing is the brain child of Mark Corcoran and Steven Robb – two ex-professional football players who decided to swap their promising career within the sport for something a little more personal and meaningful: urban menswear. The two men quickly noticed a huge gap in the market for desirable sportswear that could not only prove to be efficient in training, or when on the field, but also stylish and fashionable enough to wear on the high street, or on a night out; the best of both worlds, all rolled into one urban fashion brand. Drive, Passion and Discipline In order to turn such an optimistic and scary dream into something tangible and achievable, you have to have an incredible degree of determination, drive, passion and discipline – all of which the Bee Inspired boys have in spades. They didn’t simply see pound signs when they looked at the clothes their colleagues would wear, or that their friends would buy from some of the biggest names in urban menswear. They saw that the sector lacked vision, and passion; the same grassroots emotion that’s needed to revitalize a stale market. This same mix of passion and discipline is still a core principle of the Bee Inspired philosophy today, which sees the men going from strength to strength within the menswear industry. Mixed Design Influences for this Urban Clothing The key to standing out in a crowded room is to be the most distinctive man there – this is the very simple, very effective principle at the heart of Bee’s design center. In order to change the current men’s streetwear offerings, you have to mix it up with a diverse range of influences. This results in some of the most unique, daring and successful clothing ranges you’re likely to ever see in contemporary menswear, all with the Bee Inspired promise of quality. The Next Stage for Bee Inspired Urban Menswear It’s difficult for an outsider to look in and predict the next step for Bee Inspired, not because they have nowhere to go, but because the men are seeing such a rapid success and expansion of their business, that it’s hard to see where they won’t go in the future.