The People Behind Fresh Ego Kid

Fresh Ego Kid is a truly modern fashion label with a unique urban fashion concept.  Since inception, they have always impressed us, here at Thomas Gun, with the very best in radical, bright, yet practical urban fashion design. Who is behind this street wear brand? Fresh Ego Kid is the brainchild of Marvin Morgan; the CEO with a ground breaking eye for game-changing design.  His fashion style is an embodiment of the egotistic and selfish theme of the Fresh Ego Kid brand, and a firm believer that urban fashion and street wear must cater to the ego of the customer. Marvin believes every Fresh Ego Kid product should give a new boost to the wearer’s personal confidence and this is plain to see. In the background, with Mr Morgan, are three directors, a group of designers and a crack team of marketers- all of whom are perfectly in tune with one another, and the ethos of this new brand. The combined effort of this team of stylish professionals means Fresh Ego Kid has made a light meal of the often difficult urban fashion arena. A fast growing streetwear brand Few fashion companies have been able to mirror the level of advancements recorded by this company (who only hit the scene in 2011).  Over that short space of time, Fresh Ego Kid has grown to become a household name in the fashion industry. Indeed, even within our own urban and streetwear categories; the Fresh Ego style ranks far above many of their competitors, and it’s not difficult to see why. The unisex streetwear giants Fresh Ego Kid has thrown open their revolutionary street fashion doors to both men and women: ranging from sexy and classy clothing ranges up to more traditionally masculine and stylish offerings, Fresh Ego Kid has something for everybody.  The colors are bold, coupled with designs that redefine what it means to be trendy and urban. Very few urban brands, operating today, can compete with this brand’s use of design juxta positioning and bold contrasts in style and color. Fresh Ego Kid is a rapidly evolving brand – with a consistently regular rate of output, meaning we are always up to date with their latest stock. In the rare event that we miss out on something from the brand that you’d like to have, kindly point us to it and we’ll get right to it! Contact us today, here at Thomas Gun, if you have any questions about this hot, new streetwear brand. We can help you make the big fashion decisions that will transform your wardrobe and add a little something special to your personality, just like Marvin Morgan originally intended from day one!